Parallax Software Founders Establish New Studio Called Revival Productions

Parallax Software founders Mike Kulas and Matt Toschlog announced on Friday that they have established a new development studio called ‘Revival Productions.’

Revival Productions’ first project has been described as a “gravity-defying first-person shooter [that] combines exhilarating gameplay with the latest technology to give sensory overload a whole new meaning.”

Kulas and Toschlog’s will be crowdfunding the IP through Kickstarter, with Revival Productions’ press release confirming that more details will be revealed next week.

One of the duo’s titles, Descent, received a positive reception at the time of its release in 1995/1996, which eventually spawned two sequels — Descent II and Descent 3 — and even a Kickstarter-funded prequel, Descent: Underground, in 2015.

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