Week 4 Day 1 NA LCS Predicitions

We’ve already reached the halfway mark in the 2016 Spring split of the NA LCS and have a whopping 4 teams tied for third through seventh place. Only one more win ahead are teams tied for second and Immortals, staying true to their name, are still sitting pretty at the top with an unblemished record.

Here’s this split’s current standings:

1) Immortals (6-0)

2) Counter Logic Gaming, NRG Esports (4-2)

4) Team Impulse, Cloud 9, Team Liquid, Team SoloMid (3-3)

8) Team Dignitas (2-4)

9) Renegades, Echo Fox (1-5)

The craziest part about all of this is that other than Immortals there’s really no telling how this split is going to end. This week isn’t going to do much in shaking things out either as all the mid tier teams are taking on the bottom tiers and CLG drew the short straw in getting Immortals. Here’s how I think Week four Day one of the NA LCS will end with the predicted winners in bold.

  • Team Liquid vs Team Dignitas
  • Cloud 9 vs Renegades
  • Counter Logic Gaming vs Immortals
  • Team SoloMid vs Echo Fox
  • NRG Esports vs Team Impulse

Team Liquid is probably the second most impressive team this split and shouldn’t have a problem taking on the struggling Team Dignitas. Cloud 9 also has a gimme game against Renegades and their new support Hakuho. Hai should have no problem leading his team to victory here, but considering it’s C9 you can just never truly know. CLG is tied with NRG for second, but unfortunately have to take on the most dominate team in the NA LCS. Immortals have looked everything but beatable up until this week and I have a feeling that isn’t going to change.

Starting the second half of games we have TSM taking on Echo Fox; who are still having visa issues with their main roster. So once again you’re going to see Solo, Hard, and GoldenGlue take on their sub positions this week. This doesn’t mean it’s a sure win for TSM though. Echo Fox gave Team Liquid a run for their money and all things considered probably should have won that game. Then they took on Immortals and were completely dismantled from start to finish, but then again who hasn’t been?

Ending the day is NRG and Team Impulse in probably the most even of matchups. Impulse’s three wins come against C9, Renegades, and Dignitas so this would be a good win for them. NRG on the other hand have only lost to Team Liquid and the Immortals so they should take this one home. The whole team has looked very dominate up until this point and last week didn’t drop a kill to TSM.

Games to watch will probably be CLG vs Immortals if they can somehow slow down Reignover, NRG vs Impulse, and Cloud 9 vs Renegades because you never know what’s going to happen when their games start.