Steam Controller Discounted with Purchase of XCOM 2

While the Steam Controller is a solid piece of hardware that a certain sect of the PC gaming market is enjoying, it hasn’t taken the PC world by storm quite the way that Valve may have hoped for. Nonetheless, having a Steam Controller (and potentially pairing it with the phenomenal Steam Link) opens up an entire world of awesome Steam functionality, and you can currently get one for twenty dollars off with the purchase of perhaps the biggest PC exclusive of the year.

Purchasing XCOM 2 with a Steam Controller will currently run you back $89.98 on the Steam Store for a limited time. Being a new release, clearly XCOM 2 is going to be contributing its full launch price towards this bundle, which means that the Steam Controller is going to be included for $29.99 (as opposed to its regular $49.99 price).

To check out this deal, head over to its official Steam Store page. This will be your only opportunity at launch to use a gamepad with XCOM 2, as the upcoming strategy game will not support any other type of controller.