Street Fighter V Character Introduction Trailers: Nash

Originating from the Street Fighter Alpha series, Charlie Nash is the latest character to receive an introduction video in the days leading up to Street Fighter V’s release. Toting the most flexible normals in the game, Nash is a character for players who like to switch it up on their opponents and keep the pressure on. Fighting an experienced Nash player will mean understanding what Nash can chain together and being prepared for defense. Nash also has the ability to steal HP and Critical Art meter (used for EX attacks and the character’s super attack: the Critical Art). Fans of Street Fighter IV may observe that Nash seems to perform like Guile. This is not the case. Like everyone else in Street Fighter V’s initial 16-character roster, learning to fire Nash’s attacks is only the tip of the iceberg. Playing him effectively is another thing entirely.

See Nash’s Character Introduction trailer below. Street Fighter V is due out for PlayStation 4 and PC on February 16.

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