Week 4 Day 2 NA LCS Predictions

Day one pretty much went as everyone expected, after all it was a day where the only surprising thing would have been an Immortals loss. Day two looks to be more of the same, but first we’ll take another look at the standings to see what’s at stake.

1) Immortals (7-0)

2) NRG Esports (5-2)

3) Counter Logic Gaming, Cloud 9, Liquid, Team SoloMid (4-3)

7) Team Impulse (3-4)

8) Team Dignitas (2-5)

9) Renegades, Echo Fox (1-6)

So basically the only moves that have been made are CLG dropping a spot from second to tied for third, and Team Impulse dropping from tied for third to seventh. After today we should see things get a little more shaken up as Cloud 9 and Team Liquid both have tough match-ups. Here’s what’s in store for Day two with the predicted winners in bold.

  • Immortals vs Liquid
  • Cloud 9 vs NRG Esports
  • Renegades vs Team SoloMid
  • Team Impulse vs Counter Logic Gaming
  • Team Dignitas vs Echo Fox

The two most impressive looking teams are starting the day off, but it’s unlikely that Immortals will take their first loss. Yesterday looked like just another day on the rift for Immortals against CLG, as they continued their winning ways en route to a perfect split. If Liquid has a chance it’s going to be up to Dardoch and Piglet to hard carry this team.

Cloud 9 isn’t likely to break their streak of going 1-1 each week as they take on the second place NRG. While Hai will be starting again it’s going to take a monstrous effort for the team to pull this one out. They’re just too inconsistent to back going into today, though they played extremely well yesterday.

TSM looked a little rough , but got the job done. Today, they shouldn’t have a problem against Renegades who got bodied by Jensen and company. This should be an easy win for them to pick up even if they play like they did earlier.

Team Impulse ran their starting lineup for the first time yesterday and almost handed NRG their third loss. By almost I mean they played really well until GBM started going off with Impact and Altec following up. Then the game was over. They just can’t seem to get the hang of the poke comp they’re trying to run and with just one more day of competition under their belt it’s unlikely that will change.

Lastly, we have Team Dignitas taking on the still sub dominate Echo Fox. One day Echo Fox will get the likes of Froggen, kfo, and Grigne back, but that day will not be today. In fact, it looks like they’re pulling everyone and basically going with Team Ember’s lineup. According to LoLesport’s site, today’s starting roster will be Solo, Hard, Goldenglue, LOD/Benjamin, and Stunt. The winless subs of Echo Fox likely won’t find their way against the equally struggling Team Dignitas, so Dignitas has to be given the nod due to the fact they’re an actual LCS team.

Games to watch will be Immortals vs Team Liquid to see if anyone can stop this train they’re on, Cloud 9 vs NRG because once again with Hai in the lineup you never know what’s going to happen, and Impulse vs CLG with their second match featuring their intended starting lineup.