Pokémon TCG: XY–BREAKpoint Broken Down in New Trailer

Pokémaniacs around the world have been looking forward to the new trading card series, XY–BREAKpoint. It made its North American debut just last week and holds so many secrets fans may not be aware of. A new showcase video breaks down some of the cards and strategies you could encounter in battle.

Pokémon have the chance to BREAK evolve which allows them to gain new attacks or abilities. It can only be used once the Pokémon is already in play and the BREAK card must be placed horizontally on the current card. Greninja is able to use two abilities giving it more of an advantage. XY– BREAKpoint comes with 11 new EX cards including Mega Evolutions and shiny Pokémon. There’s even a bit of strategy that comes into play with new Trainer cards, even using other Pokémon to assist in the plan.

As always, packs come with special download codes to use the cards you receive for Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. Check out the new content along with some tips and tricks in showcase trailer for XY–BREAKpoint.