Street Fighter V Character Introduction Trailers: F.A.N.G

Elongated character F.A.N.G is the latest character to get the spotlight in today’s Street Fighter V Character Introduction video. F.A.N.G is a slinky character with great reach and an unusual play-style. More outlandish than F.A.N.G’s appearance is his V-Skill: a poison ability where he will shoot a slow-moving projectile that cannot be blocked and will poison the enemy on contact. Poison slowly chips away at HP, and while it does not look like much, it makes a noticeable difference over a short time. F.A.N.G seems to be for players who don’t like playing by the rules and want to change the game on their opponents.

See the Character Introduction trailer for F.A.N.G below. Street Fighter V will hit PlayStation 4 and PC on February 16.

There are other Character Introduction videos as well, such as ones for Nash, Ken, Zangief, and Necalli. For more on Street Fighter V, see our latest preview.