Watch Super Bowl 50 Recreated in Tecmo Bowl

Ah, Tecmo Bowl. Sure Madden offers an increasingly photo-realistic game of football, but nothing can match the basic frills of Tecmo’s take on professional football. As such, we’re always ecstatic when a modern game of pigskin is recreated in Tecmo Bowl. That’s exactly what The Cauldron has done today, releasing a video that re-imagines Super Bowl 50 in the style of the classic game.

The video includes highlights such as Denver recovering Cam Newton’s fumble for a touchdown, Cam Newton’s interception and…well let’s just say it’s not exactly kind on Carolina’s quarterback. The video is shockingly accurate to both Tecmo Bowl and the big game itself . Better still, the recreation even features Lady Gaga briefly singing our national anthem and an adorable halftime by Coldplay with special guests Beyonce and Bruno Mars.

Check it out below: