Danmaku Unlimited 3 Getting Ready to Deliver All the Bullets

Both Danmaku Unlimited games have been crowd-pleasing bullet-hell shooters, nicely balancing difficulty while packing the screen so densely with bullets it’s a wonder there’s any spare pixels left over for the player ship.  Despite this they’re surprisingly accessible, with the player having a tiny hitbox, responsive controls, and insane firepower to throw back in the enemy’s face.  There’s always room for a new series entry, though, and now Danmaku Unlimited 3 has shown up on Greenlight with its first trailer.

The new game doesn’t look to stray too far from the series formula.  Fly up screen and shoot everything, graze bullets, cancel enemy barrages with the trance ability, collect the enemy drops, and take a bit to get used to the extra-large player and enemy sprites.  The Greenlight page does hint at a notable new addition, though, in that the player ship will be “highly customizable” in a way that promises to let the player edit its capabilities to their own preferences.  There’s not a lot of detail beyond that, but with the release date being “soon” it shouldn’t be too long before we all find out just what that entails.  Beyond the new Gradius-style options, that is.

Head on over to Greenlight and give Danmaku Unlimited 3 a little attention.  It shouldn’t take too long to get approved, and hopefully the quicker it does the faster we’ll all get to play it.