Karin Introduced in New Street Fighter V Video

Karin Kanzuki is now a playable character in the upcoming Street Fighter V and Capcom has released a video today introducing the character to newcomers. Karin made her debut in Street Fighter Alpha 3 as a rival to Sakura Kasugano. She has been sort of a fan favorite since the alpha series and with her first appearance in years, fans are ecstatic and newcomers are curious.

Karin will be a more intermediate character. She is a close and personal character with some strong pokes and heavy juggle potential. Her V-Skill pushes her forward a bit can be used to negate projectiles to keep you from being baited into the air and if used cleverly, can punish those projectiles. Her V-Trigger on the other hand gives her a new special move that allows her to follow up with a combo in various ways. She’s a rushdown character for those looking for something a little more complex.