Learn What Primal is All About in Far Cry 101

A new trailer from Ubisoft details everything you need to know before jumping in to the world of Far Cry Primal.

The “101” trailer introduces us to the main character, Takkar, and explains his dire situation. It also gives some detail on his arsenal, which consists of clubs, spears, knives, and the bow and arrow. We also get to see some of the many uses of animal companions in the game, which can be used tactically or as destructive forces.

In his efforts to save the Wenja tribe, Takkar is also tasked with taking out enemy strongholds, like in previous Far Cry titles. They will look a bit different since this is prehistoric times, but same concept.

The trailer finishes off its introduction by warning players of night. Night time is when the primal environment is the most dangerous, and when predators are the hardest to tame.

Check out the trailer below: