Destiny’s Valentine’s Day Event is Live Now

Destiny’s Valentine’s Day themed event has gone live with a new PvP mode, Questline, and rewards for guardians who participate.

As we learned a few weeks back, this event is known as Crimson Days where players will form a bond with one other friend and join each other in battle. That ‘battle’ is Crimson Doubles, a new 2vs2 Elimination Mode where the first team to five wins secures the victory. This special game mode is available now, and will last until February 16.

Lord Shaxx has an all new Quest and Bounties for Guardians seeking to forge a bond within Crimson Doubles. Complete the ‘Crimson Bonds’ quest for a special Crimson Days Emblem. Just playing Crimson Doubles gives you a chance to get new Shaders and Ghost Shells that can drop at up to 320 Light. Looking to level up your weapons? Consume a Crimson Candy and you and your fireteam will get thirty minutes worth of bonus experience for all equipped weapons.

Finally, Tess Everis has some new emotes at the Eververse Store. If you’re not opposed to microtransactions, there’s five new emotes available for purchase. They are there for a limited time, so if you want them you better act before February 16.