Dungeons 2 Coming to PS4 April 26

Almost a year to the date, Realmforge Studios and Kalypso Media will be releasing the famed dungeon lord simulator to PS4 on April 26.  Create your dungeon and collect experience and gold to hire orcs, goblins, and trolls.  Use them to expand your dungeon and enlist even stronger servants to eventually go out and rain merciless evil over the land.  Once you do that, the game changes from managing your servants and dungeons to fighting to keep your dungeon and your reign as a Dungeon Lord standing.

Multiplayer will also be brought to the PS4 with up to four Dungeon Lords battling online to take control of the Overworld.  With no micro-transactions and no cooldown timers, the game will let you get straight to the action with your friends or by yourself.  What’s also great is that the game will be releasing with a bunch of DLC content, (A Chance of Dragons, A Song of Sand and Fire, and A Clash of Pumpkins), right from the start.  The Morningwood and Pixie Village maps will also be available, even without pre-ordering the game.

Brace yourselves; evil is coming on April 26 to the PS4.

Check out the trailer below: