Interesting ‘Crowd Publishing’ Platform BrightLocker Moves Closer to Launch

Boasting to be the first ‘Crowd Publishing’ platform for games, BrightLocker has some interesting features. Users will reportedly contribute concepts and ideas that will then be voted on and potentially developed by ‘experienced game professionals’. Users can then participate in crowd funding for these games and/or earn revenue from their ideas if they are chosen and funded.  Currently in beta testing, the platform is looking to make a full release in the Summer.

“Imagine: Do you have an idea for a game? Give it a chance to become reality! Share your great idea and you could see your game get made – and earn a share of its success.

Choose: Check out all of the user-submitted game ideas and vote, vote, vote! Your feedback helps decide which game moves on to funding and development.

Make: Winning game ideas go into development with experienced game professionals – and you’re part of the team. When you help fund a game at Brightlocker, you unlock the ability to interact with the game’s designers, artists, and producers and more!

Play: What’s better than seeing a great game idea become a real, playable game? Not much! Jump in and play the games you and the Brightlocker community brought to life.

Earn: Was a game your idea? Did you help with funds? You’re a game development rock star! Rewards can include cool digital and physical goods, unlocked achievements, and even a share of the revenue!”

You can find more information about BrightLocker on their website. You can also check out their overview video below.