Jedi Master Yoda Comes to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Jedi Master Yoda will finally come to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes thanks to a special event.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes players will get the chance to unlock Grand Master Yoda starting February 11. The only way to get Yoda is through the brand new Grand Master’s Training Event challenge. There are multiple difficulty tiers in this event where you’ll earn Grand Master Yoda shards, crystals, and lots of credits. Completing these tiers will allow you to unlock Grand Master Yoda.

There’s only one way to challenge Grand Master Yoda directly and win the ultimate prize, a seven-star Grand Master Yoda. To do this, a player must create a team of all seven-star Jedi characters and defeat all difficulty tiers. Its a huge challenge, but that ultimate prize sounds pretty sweet.

In addition to the new challenge, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes’ latest update adds a number of new features to the game. The Shard Shot allows you to trade extra shards of seven-star characters you own for different character shards. Players will not be able to preview an entire squad before you fight them in PvP. There are also numerous bug fixes and visual improvements.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is available now for iOS and Android devices.