Sega 3D Classics Collection Includes New Decal Sheet

Sega announced today that the Sega 3D Classics Collection on the 3DS will include a retro decal sheet for pre-orders and a limited number of first-run copies. There will be many classic consoles and items replicated in the decals, including the Master System console and its logo, the Mega Drive and Genesis logos as well as a Genesis console, the 16-bit typeface on the front of the Genesis, Professor Asobin from SG-1000 game manuals, the Sega logo, and the GigaDrive logo. The Sega 3D Classics Collection is set for release on April 26 for $29.99 in both physical and eShop versions. This bundle will only be included in physical versions, so be sure to pre-order a copy to guarantee you get these decals.