Inversus Will be Coming to Console in 2016

Inversus, the insane black and white top-down multiplayer shooter from the folks over at Hypersect, isn’t going to be a PC exclusive. Today, Hypersect’s Ryan Juckett revealed that the chaotic title would see a PlayStation release, though Inversus is currently without a concrete release date, with a loose 2016 window in place at the moment.

The gist here is pretty simple: on black and white tiled stages, each player can only move on their designated color, and you have the ability to change the color of opposite color tiles by shooting. To put it in the words of Juckett, “My paths are your walls and your paths are my walls.” One of the Indie Megabooth members at PAX Prime 2015, Inversus sports one of the freshest electronic soundtracks you’ll find in a multiplayer game, which you can hear for yourself in the official PlayStation 4 announcement trailer below.