Pokémon Reorchestrated YouTube Account Terminated

Music in video games is everything. It tells its own story while simultaneously moving plot, actions and sequences along. Pokémon Reorchestrated took the familiar Pokémon music we love from the series and blew our ears, minds and hearts with its remastered orchestral renditions.

Unfortunately, after recent legal situations the Pokémon Reorchestrated YouTube account has been terminated. This fan project has been operating for years by lifelong fan, Braxton Burks along with a team of talented musicians. We’re saddened to learn this thriving fan-operated dedication to the series has been shut down. According to Burks, at the beginning of February, The Pokémon Company International cited the project as violating copyrighted content but was never told which elements of the videos were in violation. This YouTube termination came suddenly, and seemingly out of the blue since Burks has uploaded songs and playlists years before any citations.

Currently, fans who want to purchase the Kanto Symphony album can do so via iTunes. You can also preview its tracks but it’s best to do so before it’s possibly removed as well. This all comes during Pokémon’s 20th anniversary which Burks states, “After they targeted my channel this month, I don’t feel included in that celebration at all.” Follow the Pokémon Reorchestrated Twitter account for more updates on the project and team.