Gods Of Egypt Movie Tie-In Game Gets a Surprise Release

Ignoring the controversy, the upcoming Gods Of Egypt looks like it will have a tough road ahead of it. Although it’s directed by the talented Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City), stars a respectable cast (Gerard Butler, Nikolaj Coaster-Waldau) and has received a fairly heavy marketing campaign, it’s hard to imagine it will light the box office on fire. Not only is it coming out in a weird time of year, but it will be facing off against the unexpected colossus that is Deadpool and will have to fend off John Hillcoat’s Triple 9 as well.

Showing how much hope Lionsgate has in the property, however, the studio has today launched a mobile game called Gods Of Egypt: Secrets of the Lost Kingdom.

In this 3D action game, players put their fighting skills to the test, playing as Horus, god of the sky, and his human sidekick Bek, battling against evil god Set and his henchmen. The game includes creatures and locations from the feature film and allows players to record HD gameplay sharing on social media.

In addition to being available for both iOS and Android smartphones, the game is the first branded live-action movie app to be released on the new Apple TV.

Download it for free for iOS here and Android here