PlayStation Vita TV Shipments Discontinued in Japan

Potential owners of the PlayStation TV (or PlayStation Vita TV) budget gaming device may be alarmed to hear that the product has been discontinued for shipments in Japan. A visit to the product’s page on Sony’s official Japanese site will yield the line “出荷完了”, which translates roughly to “End of Shipments.” While it is not generally popular, the small, cheap PlayStation product allows users to play PlayStation Vita games and PlayStation apps via their TV at a fraction of the price for the Vita itself. Granted, the PlayStation TV and PlayStation Vita do not have great platform-exclusive software support. The PlayStation TV found itself in an odd niche. While this does not mean the PlayStation TV is gone, new shipments of the device will no longer be coming in for Japanese shelves. This does not affect the West as of yet.


Source: Attack of the Fanboy