Enter the Gungeon Release Date Trailer is Number One With a Bullet

The past needs to die and the only way to kill it is with a legendary gun hidden deep in the heart of the Gungeon.  The Gungeon, however, is a terrible place crawling with the most heavily armed enemies ever seen in a 2D bullet hell roguelike dungeon crawler.  The only way to clear it out is with a near-endless supply of firepower ranging from deadly to silly and frequently both at once, a helpful dodge-roll for evading walls of bullets, and flipping every table you find for a bit of extra cover.  It’s dangerous down there and the odds of gaining the Gungeon’s ultimate reward only get worse the deeper you go.

Enter the Gungeon has been teasing it’s insane over-the-top action for a little over a year now, and as of today it’s got an official release date of April 5.  The trailer below gives a good indication of just how crazy the gun fighting gets, with bullet patterns flying every which way both from the enemies and the player.  The video is filled with lasers, bendy-lasers, machine guns, handguns, shark guns, shotguns, and while I didn’t see a gun that shoots guns it seems likely there’s on in there somewhere.  It’s only a bit more than a month before Enter the Gungeon brings enough firepower to the arcade-roguelike to be a shoo-in for NRA game of the year, and then the shooting can begin in earnest.