Nintendo’s Project Guard is Now Star Fox Guard

Back at E3 in 2014, Nintendo showed off a prototype for a new game known only back then as Project Guard. The game presented was a unique title where players had to keep monitoring security cameras in order to keep an eye on advancing enemies (and yes, this just pre-dated Five Nights at Freddy’s), and use the GamePad in order to fend them off. Since then, though, Nintendo has been quite silent about the game.

That is, until today’s Nintendo Direct, where we learned that Project Guard has now been re-branded as Star Fox Guard, where the goal now is to help protect a mine belonging to Grippy, the uncle of Star Fox character Slippy Toad. Not only will the game feature a lengthy 100 missions now as well, but it will now be bundled with every physical copy of Star Fox Zero for free, or available separately as a digital copy for purchase in the Nintendo eShop. As expected, Star Fox Guard is due out on April 22, the same day as Zero.