Etrian Odyssey V Debut Trailer Released

Etrian Odyssey is a niche game for those that love dungeon-crawling games and with the announcement of the new Etrian Odyssey V coming out sometime this year for 3DS, fans are going crazy.  Very little information has been released about the title and is basically limited to the fact that Shigeo Komori, the director for Etrian Odyssey II and Etrian Odyssey II, will also be directing this one.  Now, fans have something even more to be excited about with the release of the new debut trailer that also depicts the Japanese release date as August 4 of this year.

The trailer depicts the game’s artwork as well as a few in-game features and classes.  Classes like Warlocks and Lancers will be available to use and you will be able to create your own character with a few preset designs.While gameplay wasn’t necessarily shown, a part of the trailer does depict how the game will look during gameplay through a few floating screens, but doesn’t go much further than that.

Check out the debut trailer for Etrian Odyssey V below: