New Gameplay Trailer Surfaces for Furi

Last year, developers The Game Bakers announced Furi, a stylish new hack-and-slash game crossed with a twin-stick shooter and featuring designs by Afro Samurai writer and illustrator Takashi Okazaki. Since then, things have been a bit silent, but recently a new trailer for the game was unleashed, as you can see below.

This time around, we get a better taste of how Furi will be playing out via scenes from a battle with one of the game’s bosses. The developers want the players to experience extreme satisfaction from defeating one of them, and as you can see, you will really have to work for it. Lightning-fast maneuvers beautifully accompany bullet hell-style waves of attacks, and sharp reflexes are clearly rewarded. It all looks quite impressive indeed, and definitely gets one hyped for when Furi comes out for PC and PlayStation 4 later this year.