Thumper to Scorch Eyes and Souls on Playstation VR (Updated!)

Gestation is a long process, especially when the final result is a screaming beast of hyperchromatic fury.  Thumper dropped onto the radar early last year and instantly earned its spot on the Most Anticipated list, but it’s been fairly quiet since then beyond being on display at a number of shows.  The chrome beetle has raced its way down the music-driven track, sliding around curves and slamming into walls to the beat for hundreds of show-goers as the game has evolved and updated itself bit by bit over time.  While Thumper’s birth date is still a nebulous “2016”, it’s got a new feature ready for the world in the form of PlayStation VR support.

The blog post by Marc Flury, 50% of Thumper’s creative team (the other half is Brian Gibson, bassist for Lightning Bolt), explains that VR was always an idea they’d been toying with but had backed away from on the theory that it might be a bit much.  After a bit of experimentation this turned out to be a fully accurate assessment, but sometimes “a bit much” is just right.  There’s also a new trailer available showing off the multi-track gameplay section for the first time, making you switch from one lane to another to catch all the beats.  Early levels are single-lane, but as the difficulty rises and the tracks get meaner, the simple joystick-and-single-button controls mean Thumper can really start amping up the intensity.

The other announcement tucked away in this post is that Thumper is debuting on the PS4, meaning the PC version is going to be along too, but eventually (-Update-) simultaneously.  Maybe sooner, maybe later, it’s a bit early to say, but definitely after (-Update-) at the exact same time as the PS4.  Seeing as the PS4 version has PlayStation VR support it’s a reasonable assumption the PC one will work nicely with Rift and/or Vive, but that’s an announcement for another day.  In the meantime, look at that video below and make sure the volume is pushed a little past comfortable.