Tribute Games Reveals New Game Flinthook Via Twitch

Just less than a month after their latest release, Ninja Senki DX, Tribute Games have already unveiled the next game that they’re working on, Flinthook. The title was revealed piece by piece over Twitch streams throughout the past week, finally culminating in a trailer showing every little bit coming together, as seen below.

Not much else is known about Flinthook at this moment, except that it will feature the same kind of dazzling retro pixel art that’s basically a standard for all of Tribute’s games by this point, and that the gameplay will appear to be largely centered around grappling hooks. And as the great Mabel Pines has taught us in the past few years, there is nothing that grappling hooks can’t improve, so let’s hope we get to hear more about Flinthook and its intriguing…um, hook later on.