Monothetic Reveals Their First Retail Game, Beacon

If you’ve heard of Monothetic before, odds are you may know them from their work in the Half-Life 2 modding scene, including one of their most famous mods, Black Snow. Well, now they’re branching out into their first retail release with Beacon, revealed to everyone with the debut trailer seen below. And if the finished product is even half as exciting as the trailer, it’s safe to say that this will be a blast indeed.

Beacon is a sci-fi top-down roguelike shooter, where the goal is to fight your way through a randomly generated world in order to escape the planet that you’ve crashed on. The twist is that your cloning bay still works, and every time you die, you can rebuild yourself with the DNA of enemies that you’ve defeated, splicing it into yourself in order to gain new powers and abilities. Beacon’s release date for the moment is simply set as “coming soon” for PC, Mac, and Xbox One, but hopefully the finished product will be worth any period of waiting.