Everything, the Game Where Everything is a Playable Character

It might sound a little strange to have a game called Everything, but it’s named that for a good reason. David OReilly, an Irish developer best known for the video game sequences in the film Her, has managed to help create a game where you can see the world from over a thousand different perspectives.  In Everything, if you see something, you can be it.  While there are many things to do in the game and many ways to go about about doing them, the main purpose of the game is to be.  Of course, there will be many more ideas implemented in the game as it is being developed but for now, all we know is that Everything will be exclusively for the Playstation 4.

This isn’t the first game that OReilly creates, having been a part of the game Mountain where your sole purpose was to watch nature live and die on a mountain.  However, the difference between Mountain and Everything is that the former didn’t necessarily let you interact with the mountain and the circle of nature while the latter lets you be basically everything that you encounter.

There are no major updates on the game’s release as of late but according to OReilly’s recent Playstation Blog announcement, all updates would in the form of Facebook posts. For now, check out the short trailer below as well as the screenshots available for more information on the game: