Need to Know Smashes Kickstarter Goal

As of now, 4,451 backers have contributed to the incredibly ambitious Need to Know‘s Kickstarter campaign.  Over $135,000 AUD has been raised in the last thirty days, 438% of the game’s original funding goal.

A surveillance sim, Need to Know explores the world of the modern intelligence agency. The game places the player in the tenuous position of a government intelligence agent.  Spying on citizens, monitoring their emails and geodata, the game promises to deliver an in depth look at modern electronic surveillance.

With a critically acclaimed concept, the Need to Know is set to continue development having met (and exceeded) its Kickstarter goal. We can only wait in anticipation for the game’s release (intended later this year).

You can check out the game’s website for further information.  Need to Know’s Kickstarter can also be found here.