Star Fox Zero To Include Invincibility Mode

Star Fox Zero, the long-awaited follow-up to Nintendo’s on-rails-turn-dog-fight shooter will feature an easier “invincibility” mode the game’s producer, Shigeru Miyamoto, has revealed in an interview with Time. Explaining why such a decision was made, Miyamoto goes on to states this as a way to allow players to “easily be a part of the gameplay and enjoy this universe.”

Ellaborating on this particular preset: “We have additional [modes] for people who like the game but find it too hard to get past certain levels. So for instance there’ll be a way for them to get an invincible Arwing, so that they can fly through and see the levels.” But he was quick to insist that the team will also cater to those who prefer higher difficulty, stating that Star Fox Zero will also include harder challenges.

Needless to say, it hasn’t gone down well with some corners of the internet community, though this won’t be the first time Nintendo has introduced a so-called “impossible to lose” standard of difficulty in their more recent line of releases for both Wii U & 3DS. Notable examples in Yoshi’s Woolly World allowed players to fly through each of the game’s 2D levels while titles like Fire Emblem Fates introduced “Phoenix Mode” which would resurrect any fallen units in the next turn. Star Fox Zero will launch April 22 on Wii U with Star Fox Guard bundled in.