Revisit the Utopian Lifestyle with ‘P.A.M.E.L.A.’

Horror is defined by many different genres of video games and general pop culture.  Some of the scariest horror, however, is brought to us in the form of futuristic science fiction where humans live happily in a utopian life that goes awry.  P.A.M.E.L.A. contains this type of horror, but also intertwines this with real life survival.  You begin the game waking up from a cryo sleep to the world of Eden, a futuristic, utopian city.  You are equipped with a sort of scanning gun that highlights key items like food and supplies.  The game also runs on a full day and night cycle, forcing you to be constantly aware of your surroundings so that you can adapt and survive.  Eden is a huge city, filled with apartments, courtyards and anything else that a city would have, including a helpful AI overseer that helps you during combat and exploration named Pamela.  The game is a mix between Dead Space and Mass Effect, giving players a sense of nostalgia and fear as they traverse through colorful rooms and expansive areas.


You are constantly having to watch your back; you aren’t alone in Eden.  The place is completely run down because of an epidemic of a special kind of bone disease infected many of the inhabitants, causing them to go insane and become unpredictable, attacking both each other and the player.  You are able to find pieces of old electronics, giving you the ability to build disposable shelters and portable greenhouses to survive during your stay in Eden.  You are also introduced to other NPCs in the game, not including the hostile residents, that can react to you based on an AI system of behaviors.  Some could try and attack you while others may leave you alone to continue exploring.  The game is huge and resembles Bioshock in its large, abandoned, world that give off hints to the exact dilemma that lead you to this situation.  You are also given weapons, specifically a type of energy sword that resembles an omni-sword.

While there is no set story, there is one to be found through exploration of the world with Pamela.  You are given more opportunities to explore and don’t necessarily have to follow any specific path to proceed.  This gives an even larger sense of immersion since the game has such a large area to cover and many hidden objects and tools to find.  You also have to keep track of your stats, making sure you’re never too hungry or too tired using a special tool, known as a holopad, that also keeps track of the items in your inventory.  With everything that this game has to offer, P.A.M.E.L.A. sets itself up to be a triple-A title in the body of an indie game.  While there is no release date just yet, NVYVE Studios does hope to release it sometime in the summer of 2016 for PC.

Check out a few screenshots as well as an alpha gameplay trailer below: