Return to Real-Time Tactics in ‘Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun’

Games where you can play as multiple characters that each have separate abilities have always peaked the interests of hardcore gamers.  Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is no different with the ability to play as five different characters that each utilize real-time tactics to defeat their enemies.  Taking place in Japan’s Edo period, the characters that you play as include a Ninja, a Geisha, a Samurai, a Trapper and a Sniper; each with abilities that differ so greatly that you’ll find yourself switching between characters just to finish a single level. Shadow Tactics utilizes a top-down perspective that lets you see the entire map as well as the enemies in the area, giving you plenty of ways to go about defeating your enemies, whether it’s in the shadows or out in the open.  With thirteen complex missions that each require a different level of strategy, you’ll always find different ways to go about defeating your enemies while you explore ancient Japan through beautifully detailed levels.

Shadow Tactics_2
Each character offers something different to the mix.  Hayato is a Ninja, fighting in the shadows to avoid detection from his enemies.  Mugen is a Samurai that acts as the tank of the group with the strength and ability to fight multiple people at the same time at the expense of his speed and agility.  Aiko, the Geisha, is a master of disguise and camouflage, dressing herself as a normal civilian to sneak pasts guards.  Yuki is a Trapper that uses the work of machines and traps to either keep enemies in their place or attack t hem while she is elsewhere.  Finally, there’s Takuma, a Sniper that uses his weaponry to attack enemies from afar, also using his Tanuki to attract enemies and drive them to certain areas of the map to attack.  You can set up each of these characters on different parts of the map to use however you please.  Of course, using them all together to make the cleanest getaway is the ideal way of doing things, but there are a number of possibilities.

Shadow Tactics_Character_Overview
The real story behind the game is that a new Shogun has taken over Japan and recruits the aforementioned specialists to assassinate and sabotage the enemy.  With beautifully designed maps and fluid gameplay, Mimimi Productions has done an incredible job at capturing the essence of Japan through the eyes of those that hid in the shadows.  While there is no release date, Daedalic Entertainment hopes to publish it sometime later this year for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux.

Check out more screenshots for the game as well as the newest announcement trailer below: