Giant Robot Adventure Goliath Gets a May 12 Release Date

If there’s one game I regret not having played at E3 last year despite having the opportunity, that would probably be Goliath, an indie game from Whalebox Studio essentially about building giant robots and then punching things in the face with it. So not only was I happy to hear today that a new publisher on the block by the name of Octopus Tree would be helping to get the game released on May 12 for Steam, but also that they made sure punching was an integral part of the game’s tagline, as seen in the trailer below.

Taking place among the ruins of several dead civilizations, Goliath will have you attempting to survive by building and customizing you own giant Goliath robots in order to fend off huge monsters in a procedurally generated world, either by yourself or with up to three friends for co-op play. And for those of you who can’t wait until May to give it a spin, Octopus Tree will have a playable demo of Goliath to show off at PAX East next month. It looks pretty good so far, so here’s hoping the game makes a great impression there.