tinyBuild’s SpeedRunners Sells A Million Copies, Release Date Confirmed

tinyBuild & Double Dutch Games have today announced their multiplayer platform-racing game, SpeedRunners, has to date sold over a million copies. Not only that, but a full release has finally been dated for April 19 after being in Early Access since its initial launch in August 2013, with an Xbox One iteration coming out last year. The full release build, as the developers state, will introduce a series of new features and updates to the game including a brand-new single-player “Mario Kart style” campaign in which players race to unlock new levels and further flesh out the story of the game told through comic book-style scenes.

A trail shop — which allows players to buy, make and even sell their own custom-created designs — will also be introduced via Steam Workshop alongside a Twitch-affiliated betting system which will allow viewers to bet on who will win matches via the live Twitch chat.

While tinyBuild do talk about the number of copies sold, they confirm that a further two million active users have come by way of pirated copies. A statistic they appear not to shy away from or even disregard, even going as far as to detailing how they took advantage of the culture of piracy to promote their new game. “We actually leaked a ‘special’ version of SpeedRunners onto ThePirateBay a while back, and watched it spread from there,” they explain. “This PirateBay version was the local multiplayer ‘Party Mode’ version of the game…the same version you can grab for free off Steam. It’s basically a really neat demo.”

You can find a full break-down of statistics pertaining to the game’s success as well as its player-base via tinyBuild’s website here.