Nintendo Releases Cheesiest Star Fox Zero Trailer to Date

Star Fox Zero is certainly the biggest Wii U title on the horizon, despite the generally negative press that has been surrounding the latest entry in the longstanding franchise. While some claim that the upcoming on-rails shooter looks like it’s straight out of the GameCube era, and others have criticized the inclusion of an Invincible Mode and the presence of GamePad motion controls, this is still a title that is poised to make a strong contingent of fans extremely happy.

However, we can’t say that the newest trailer from Nintendo is going to be seen as a massive boost to the pre-launch reception of Star Fox Zero. Complete with some underwhelming graphical showcasing and a series of downright disturbing animated puppets, the Foxy Fox trailer is really just something you’re going to have to see to believe:

Star Fox Zero is set to launch on Aprill 22 exclusively on Wii U.