Final Livelock Character, Catalyst, Revealed

With every new piece of information revealed about Tuque Games and Perfect World’s Livelock, I become more excited. The epitome of co-op, twinstick, robotic based mayhem, I can’t wait to get my hands on the full title. Well, another piece of information has been released today: the final character class for the game. Since Hex is the sniper type and Vanguard is the tank, it goes to follow that the last character, Catalyst, would be our support. Turns out the assumption is correct.

As far as story goes, she looks to be the lynch pin that holds the team together, keeping them motivated when the others are ready to give up. Considering that these folks gave up their humanity to have their consciousness transferred into a mechanized body, becoming what they are fighting, it’s easy to see why morale might be a tad down. Still, she holds them together and keeps them up to strength on the field of battle. Driven by familial honor, she commands a squad of combat drones to keep the hoards of the automated abominations at bay.

For a closer look at the heroine, check out the trailer below. In the meantime, we’ll be eagerly awaiting this title as it receives more polish and fine tuning. Based on our hands on experience, Perfect World’s inaugural publishing foray in a “pay up front” title is one that will keep players teaming up and entertained for hours.