Kickstarter-Backed This Is the Police Receives a New Story Trailer

Publisher EuroVideo Medien and developer Weappy Studio released on Tuesday a new story trailer for the upcoming Kickstarter-funded title This Is the Police.

This Is the Police’s latest trailer, titled ‘So Barbaric,’ is narrated by protagonist Jack Boyd, a soon-to-be retiring chief of police, who visits a gentlemen’s club to have a drink and, er, enjoy his free time with some female companionship.

Check out the trailer below:

This Is the Police follows the exploits of Boyd’s last 180 days as a police chief, following a letter he received from Freeburg City’s mayor saying that his services are no longer required.

Players take control of Boyd at this point, with Weappy Studio insisting that there’s one significant objective to achieve before departing from the police force: “$500,000 needs to be in his account before he leaves the office.”

This Is the Police

The official logo for Weappy Studio’s This Is the Police.

“It’s up to the player what methods Jack uses to achieve this [goal],” Weappy Studio said, before adding: “cooperate with the Mafia? Take bribes? Sell confiscated weapons?

“Jack will have to find his way between balancing between the daily routine as chief and making money without getting into trouble.”

Weappy Studio used Kickstarter in December 2015 as a platform to pitch This Is the Police to the public, with the project’s funding ending on $35,508, surpassing the initial $25,000 needed to bring the adventure game to life.

“After its successful Kickstarter campaign last year, This Is the Police is in its final steps of development, with the feedback of hundreds of backers who took part in the alpha testing as well as from appearances at consumer shows like EGX Rezzed,” Weappy Studio explained in a press release.

According to Weappy Studio, This Is the Police will be on the show floor of this year’s PAX East, which is taking place from April 22 to April 24 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Jon St. John, the voice of the well-known Duke Nukem, is playing Jack Boyd in This Is the Police.

This Is the Police will launch on PC, Mac and Linux in the summer of 2016 as a digital download. Following on from its PC release, This Is the Police will make its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One debut “soon after.”

EuroVideo Medien and Weappy Studio have provided some brand-new screenshots from This Is the Police, which can be viewed below: