Fierce Rivalries We Want for Splatoon’s Next Splatfest

Splatoon’s had such a terrific first half of with loads of new content and updates continuously improving its value. Since it was announced Splatoon will no longer receive new stages, though, folks were kind of bummed. The game will, however, add new weapons from time to time, so we still have that to look forward to. But one thing that will keep bringing players back are the Splatfest events held every month. Sometimes they are fun, back and forth bickerings of which of the two combined items are best such as Cats vs. Dogs or Hamburger vs. Pizza. Once in awhile, they will come up with non-original ideas and have players involved with third party rivalries such as the Transformers-themed Autobots vs. Decepticons, Pokémon Red vs. Pokémon Blue, and most recently SpongeBob vs. Patrick. So, we have devised a list made up of various feuds that could work within Splatoon’s heated competition. Some could actually happen and others are quite a stretch. Without further adieu, here are some Splatfests that would be fun to play.

Team Iron Man vs. Team Captain America

We start this off with a bang, ladies and gentleman! In honor of the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, we figured this would be a very fitting theme for Splatfest during April or at least the opening weekend for the movie in May. So what if SpongeBob took April, there can still be another right? Since we missed out on Batman v Superman, this is the next best thing. Inkopolis goes to war. Friends turn into enemies. The world’s mightiest Inklings will be splatting each other to protect their home and what they believe in. We know you can play this all day, but it’s time to choose a super squid squad side.

Team Girls vs. Team Boys

The ultimate gym class battle has begun. Since we were young Inklings in elementary school, it’s always been a rivalry between genders. With Splatoon allowing players to choose which gender they want to play as and then picking a Splatfest side, this would make for one interesting fight. Girls could join Team Boys and boys can be on Team Girls if they want. It will be confusing but the numbers won’t lie. Whichever team emerges victorious means that gender will be declared the winner in this ultimate battle of the sexes.

Team Coke vs. Team Pepsi

Splatoon is no stranger to brand name Splatfests, especially over in Japan. This time the battle between two classic soft drinks continues and on a much grander scale. It’s a fun Splatfest to partake in and it’s mixed with a bit of shameless product placement, no big deal. You could buy Inkopolis a Coca Cola or experience joy with an ice cold Pepsi. Thanks to the newly added Soda Slosher, this seems like a good idea. Choose wisely, the results will turn the tides of the beverage battle forever. How about they replace ink with soda, that way we’re all winners!

Team Callie vs. Team Marie

callie v marie
Now, here’s a fun one, kids. Callie and Marie, the Squid Sisters, and hosts of Splatfest, are getting into the action. However, it probably wouldn’t be fair if they had their own teams. It would be a whole lot more fun if Marie cheered for Team Callie and Callie was rooting for Team Marie. They don’t claw and scratch at each other, rather they tend to enjoy their friendly rivalries. So, if you enjoy the energetic Callie, join Marie. If you like the nonchalant Marie, go with Callie. They are going to have fun no matter whose side they’re on.

Team Republican vs. Team Democrat

Okay, it’s always a doozy when politics get involved. Candidates use their money to gain votes and use bigoted remarks to gain support which is a completely wrong thing to do. So, let the ink do the talking! There aren’t many animals in the world of Splatoon but we’re making an exception for Splatfest. Cast your vote now to support your party. The elections are coming up soon, so if you’re old enough to be a squid then don’t forget to go out and vote. Your team will definitely trump the competition when you’re feeling the bern!

Those are our Splatfest picks. We hope at least one of these would be a viable pick for an actual competition. In the mean time, please tell us what match-ups you would like to see using our comment section below!