‘Orbit’s Odyssey’ is a Pretty Little Puzzler

A papier-mâché puzzler from developer paperkyte, Orbit’s Odyssey features levels that are essentially timed challenges to survive and obtain all the gems on a rotating sphere. Each sphere, or planet, has rotating rings, and crossing those rings brings the player character to a previously unknown part of the planet. Figuring out where each ring section leads to is part of the timed challenge of figuring out the planet and its relevant puzzle. You are also being chased by robots during this.

The context for the game starts with the peaceful Planet X. One day, parasitic robot… space zombies (or PRSZs) attack Planet X’s core. The player takes up the role of a traveling space explorer named Orbit and is tasked with saving Planet X. Orbit’s Odyssey features 90 levels, plenty of collectables, unlockable characters, and a cast of five characters.

See the trailer for this touchscreen game below. Orbit’s Odyssey is out April 20, on iOS, Android, and Amazon stores.