New Details Emerge Surrounding the ‘PS4K’

As we reported last month, a new refresh of the PlayStation 4 hardware seems to be on the horizon. The new model, which the media aptly dubbed the ‘PS4K”, was rumored to have a more power GPU, paving the way for 4K gaming and media playback.

New details have emerged, however, which provide more information on what we can expect with the rumored hardware refresh. As reported by Giant Bomb, the new hardware (codenamed NEO) will feature an improved graphics card, doubling the amount of compute units from 18 to 36, while increasing the core clock from 800 MHz to 911 MHz. The CPU will also see a slight increase in clock speed, jumping from 1.6 to 2.1 GHz.

With more powerful hardware under the hood, it seems that Sony is mandating that games released from October onward will require two different modes: one that will run under the original PS4, and a mode that will take advantage of the NEO’s stronger hardware. There are some stipulations though; while developers can take advantage of outputting games at a native 4K resolution, games must run at the same or better framerate in NEO mode.

Similarly, there will be no exclusive NEO games (games must run on both original and NEO hardware), and there can be no exclusive NEO content in games, such as a level editor that can leverage the stronger hardware. As for older titles, it’s up to developers to patch their older games to take advantage of the NEO.

With no exclusive games or NEO-specific content, how well do you think the NEO will sell? Would you be willing to upgrade to a slightly more powerful system? Let us know in the comments below.