Supergiant Announces Their Third Game, Pyre

After the massive critical and commercial success that both Bastion and Transistor received, it should go without saying that whatever title Supergiant Games comes up with next is going to be hotly anticipated by gamers everywhere until its release. So with the reveal today of their third game, Pyre, it’s now time for gamers everywhere to begin the drool-filled wait until it comes out, because this looks like yet another winner for Supergiant.

As you can see with the reveal trailer below, Pyre already shows off what we’ve come to expect from one of Supergiant’s games by now: A unique, vibrant art style, gorgeous music, and hints at a deep story and mythology. As a person teaming up with some masked wanderers in order to gain access to a secret competition known as The Rites which allows you to return home, you’ll encounter a large variety of lands and characters on your journey, although in comparison to Bastion and Transistor, the journey this time around will be a party-based RPG as opposed to having a single character.

Pyre is due out in 2017 for Steam and PS4, but those of you attending PAX East this weekend will be able to play it at booth #8212. Considering that there were two-hour lines to play Transistor when it was first unveiled at PAX East as well, you may want to get there early.