Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: Legacy Edition Content Revealed

The Call of Duty franchise hasn’t been a stranger to big leaks before and the leaked info regarding Infinite Warfare kept that tradition alive. A pre-order card for the game has been leaked prior to an official announcement and shows that the Legacy Edition of the game will, at a minimum, also include Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in a remastered form. Logically, it would seem like this would be the highest-end PC version of the game – just brought to consoles. It was a transformative entry in the series, and opens the door for future remasters down the line as well. Modern Warfare 2 became one of the most beloved, and controversial FPSes of all-time and would make sense for a remastered edition too.

If Activision wanted to, they could initially tie them just into pre-ordering the latest entry in the series – or they could sell them as digital downloads separately. Since the games will still be on a digital storefront, it would make sense to not just lock them into pre-orders. Selling the games separately at a $15-$20 price point, with $20 being more likely, makes a lot of sense. Doing them annually to coincide with a new CoD release would allow them to maximize pre-orders – but may leave people wanting to play revamped versions of the now-classic entries soon than once a year a bit upset.