ChuSingura46+1 Makes a Meek Returns to Kickstarter

ChuSingura46+1 is a visual novel focusing on the classic Japanese tale of the 47 ronin. However, all those samurai have been converted into “cute girls.” The project first hit Kickstarter in March and failed to raise very many funds at all. In total, they raised a little over $6,000 – with a goal of $210,000. As such, Japan Content, Inc. quickly canceled the campaign.

Now, ChuSingura46+1 jumped back onto Kickstarter last week, and has made $7,000 so far. It’s nice to see they’re doing better but they’re still outrageously far from making the lowered $160,000 goal. If you can’t make a huge chunk of that in your very first week it’s painfully unlikely to succeed by the end.

You can head over and view the ChuSingura46+1 Kickstarter for yourself. A Steam key is available at the $15 tier, which is where almost all backers have situated themselves.