BioWare Goose Cam Debuts

BioWare is quite the unique company. Their games have stretched the boundaries of RPGs and now they’re changing gaming in a whole new way with the goose cam. Unlike many companies, who use YouTube to promote their products, they’re diversifying their portfolio a bit. Now, you can stream the Goose Cam whenever you want. You might be wondering “I want to know about Mass Effect, WHAT DOES THIS GOOSE HAVE TO DO WITH MASS EFFECT!? ARE GEESE PLAYABLE!?

That is incredibly unlikely, and it is in fact being done because in Canada, the goose is a sign of spring. The studios at BioWare Edmonton often get them and they were popular on their Twitter feed. Now, they’ve decided to stream them and also raise money for the Wildlife Rehabilitation of Edmonton. This is a wonderful gesture and something that more companies should take part in.