Bloodstained April Update Reveals New Enemies

The Bloodstained Kickstarter campaigned ended last summer and various details of the game’s development have been revealed over this time period. Today, Koji Igarashi gives fans a peek at some new enemies for the game.

Seama, deadly creature of the sea.

First you have the Seama, which is a jellyfish inspired design. You’ll likely run into this freaky creature in the game’s water areas if they choose to have them.

The Armored Dullahammer

The Dullahammer is a large enemy that uses its head as a flail. It’s armored and carries an uni, a sea urchin like creature in its body. This enemy will likely boast a challenge for unaware players.

Ghostly Morte

Lastly, there’s the Morte which is a ghostly slow moving, mud or tar-like creature that doesn’t seem much like a threat. On the update page Miriam disposes of it quickly with a simple kick, but one could imagine these creatures could be troublesome in swarms.

Bloodstained still doesn’t have a concrete release date, but we’ll be keeping tabs on everything Bloodstained until its release.