Choice-Based Horror Game My Last Friday Goes Live on Indiegogo

Independent developer Gadan Games has announced that it’s taken to crowdfunding website Indiegogo for support in its forthcoming first-person horror project, My Last Friday.

My Last Friday is “a flashlight-free horror game with a haunting dark story, clever puzzles and combat,” according to Gadan Games’ press release, but the developer is also using a mechanic not normally associated with horror games: a choice-based dialogue system.

“Choice-based dialogue systems are not really usual in horror games,” Gadan Games explained on My Last Friday’s Indiegogo page.

“In ‘My Last Friday,’ each conversation plays a key role to discover the story. During those conversations, you often can choose from multiple dialogue options. Your choice affects how the story goes on or ends, and you can also unlock different kinds of secrets.

“These dialogues not only give you a more interactive way to get to know the pieces of the story, but [it] also increases the replay value of the game.”

The story of My Last Friday has the player following protagonist Howard Goodson, who is locked inside an old house and begins to encounter strange creatures.

“I’ve been working on this project during the nights and weekends, and do all the work related to it, except the music composition,” says Gabor Dandar, founder of Gadan Games. “The game’s music composer is Sam Oz, who has previously worked on several titles for Ubisoft.”

Dandar said that funds raised for My Last Friday would allow him to “focus on this project full time and could also delegate some artwork to freelance artists and hire voice actors.”

According to a timeline image on My Last Friday’s Indiegogo campaign, a beta for the title is planned for April 2017 before releasing on PC in June 2017.

The minimum funding goal for My Last Friday is set at €30,000, though Dandar has already revealed some of the stretch goals he’ll be adding to the Indiegogo page.

Reaching €40,000 will mean that My Last Friday will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while €55,000 allows VR support and €75,000 adds new locations and characters to the title.

Dandar says that he’s using Unreal Engine 4 for My Last Friday, calling Epic Games’ engine an “excellent, powerful and reliable masterpiece.”

For more on My Last Friday, check out this collection of screenshots and concept art from the title below: