Dice Details Star Wars Day Content for Star Wars Battlefront

Dice has revealed what kind of Star Wars Day content they’ll have for Star Wars Battlefront.

National Star Wars Day, May 4, is almost here, and Dice has a few activities planned for Star Wars Battlefront. Player who log in May 4 will be able to snag a few goodies though it won’t be anything substantial like a new map.

First off, anyone who logs in will automatically receive 4,444 credits. Secondly, a new Hutt Contract will be available that unlocks a brand new Star Card, the Bacta Bomb Star Card. To complete the contract, players will need to spend 3,500-8,000 credits and complete bounties.

Finally, for anyone who hasn’t tried Star Wars Battlefront yet, EA is offering a free trial starting May 4 at 11am PT on PC. Players can play the base game for four hours at no charge. The trial will not include any of the paid content. It will also be exclusive to PC. Anyone looking to try the game on PS4 or Xbox One are out of luck.

Star Wars Battlefront and its first DLC pack, Outer Rim, are available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The second DLC pack, Bespin, is out this June.