CLG Analyst Mandalcio Creates a Handy Guide for League Champs

In a series called “Polishing Champion Difficulty” a CLG revises the long outdated champion difficulty scale created by Riot. Once a champion comes out they’re given and initial difficulty rating, but the game changes rapidly and after initial release some things happen along a champs lifespan maybe making them a little more difficult than once anticipated.

Mandalcio’s guide is an incredibly handy tool if you’re new to League of Legends or you’re looking for more insightful information about the game. When you first start playing a champion or the game in general it can be hard to realize the full potential of a champion’s kit. Mandalcio is doing all of that for you and telling you how difficult it can be to pull that off.

Champ difficulty is divided into four separate categories here:

  • Core Mechanics – The amount of effort/skill required to use a champion’s kit at a starting level.
  • Insight Ceiling – Knowing the “how,”when,” ¬†and “why” of a champion’s kit.
  • Mechanical Ceiling – Effort/skill to use a champ at maximum efficiency.
  • Interplay – How much does this champion need to play around the opponent to find success.

This guide covers all 130 champs currently in the game and spans four parts. If you’re interested you can find all the parts below: