Ratchet & Clank Movie Tanking at the Box Office

The results are in for Friday and the box office numbers are not good for Ratchet & Clank. The animated film brought in a reported $1.48 million dollars yesterday, which puts it on track for an opening weekend of around 5-6 million dollars as family films tend to do the best on Sunday. The film opened in 2,891 locations, giving it a poor average of $515 per theater. To put it in perspective, it was nearly beat by the animated Zootopia ($1.25 million Friday) in its ninth week.

The latest tracking numbers had the film pegged at around a $8-12 million dollar weekend, so the numbers are disappointing even by those conservative estimates.

Even with a production budget reported at a staggeringly low $20 million dollars, the film likely won’t come close to breaking even in its theatrical run when its marketing costs are considered.

For our review of the recently released game tie-in, head over here and check back Sunday for the full weekend numbers.

[UPDATE 5/1] Ratchet and Clank brought in an estimated 4.8 million for the weekend.