Riot Bans Troll, Community Gets Pissed

Over the past few weeks or so a League of Legends streamer named Tyler 1 has been growing in popularity and that’s mainly because he’s known as a troll who leave’s games and feeds kills to the other team if he doesn’t get his way. This growing popularity coupled with his awful behavior has resulted in Riot giving him a perma ban. Before we talk about that though let’s go into how this all started.

Around two or three weeks ago Tyler1 ran into a Riot shoutcaster named Phreak in-game and things got off to a less than stellar start. Tyler1 bans Phreak’s ideal support choice, which in all honesty is a off-meta pick that can be annoying for all involved, and doesn’t say anything until after the fact. From there Phreak picks another mage support, Tyler threatens to troll, and Phreak threatens his account.

What makes this encounter more unfortunate is that Tyler1 really only plays one champion and that pick is taken right before his turn. So he picks what we can call an off-meta adc to counter it while trolling at the same time. Luckily the game is dodged and everyone goes about their own way.

Now none of this is worth a perma ban or a ban at all as nothing actually ended up happening. In complete honesty this is more than likely what you can expect whenever you queue for a match, excluding the part where you’re threatened by a Riot employee. What you find out, however, is that everyone–Phreak and Zirene included–know about Tyler1 and his antics. He’s just rolled under the radar of most people for a little while until this “hype” video happened of him changing his ways.

From then on presumably everyone in the community knew who he was enough to know that this guy probably isn’t the most fun to play with. He’s a Draven main and a huge troll. Does he get trolled? Definitely, it’s par for the course if you’re a streamer/casual player. The question though is does this deserve a permanent ban? And the answer is more than likely a no.

Tyler1, and players like him, are a dime a dozen in league and while it would be nice to not run into them it’s become more of an expected and accepted part of league. Here’s Riot’s official ruling as to why he was banned. While he can’t effectively stream himself playing the game anymore it’ll be interesting to find out what happens with all of this later down the road.